Dating Your Spouse While on Bedrest

This time last year, I was 35 weeks pregnant and eagerly anticipating the end of an unexpected and challenging journey. Bedrest! After 15 weeks, I had one more to go before I was free to spend the rest of my third trimester as a “normal” pregnant woman. At 20 weeks pregnant I had to get an emergent cerclage due to a short cervix, and was immediately put on strict bedrest. Seven months after getting married.

Bedrest is a serious matter, and of course as a mom-to-be you do what you have to in order for your baby to be safe. However, being restricted to a bed for weeks is mentally challenging. But what about your spouse or partner? The change and extra responsibility is a challenge for them as well. It’s important to still have fun and enjoy each other during this time. Easier said than done, but it CAN be done!

Some mothers on bedrest get the okay from their doctor to go out one day or night a week. That was not the case for me. Somehow, we made it work, and here are some ideas for those of you in the same boat:

Make it a Movie Night

You may already be burning through your movie collection now, but do a special movie night. Pick out the movies you all enjoy as a couple, get some popcorn and snacks, your drinks of choice, and enjoy your date.

Have a Special Dinner

If you’re allowed to get out of bed for a while, have a nice dinner. For Valentine’s Day we did a candlelit dinner and ordered food. Another time my husband made a Chinese-themed meal, and we used an Asian flatware set we got as a wedding gift. A picnic on the floor or in bed is fun too.

Plan a Future Vacation

This isn’t exactly a date, but it helps take your mind to a different place. Once you all get through the pregnancy and have your beautiful baby or babies, talk about where you all would like to travel in the near future.

Another thing we did was reminisce about our honeymoon. We didn’t film much of our honeymoon, but we took a ton of pictures. So while I had the time, I made a book that captured our Honeymoon experience.

There are a ton of other activities you can do with your partner while on bedrest, just find the time – like you would under regular pregnant circumstances. If you already have children, you can probably incorporate date night after they go to bed. And remember – bedrest will end! Take it day-by-day and week-by-week. A beautiful, healthy baby in the end is worth it all!




5 Day Breakfast Plan – Fresh & from Scratch

Prepare your breakfast for the entire work week. Yep! This delicious smoothie will make your busy mornings easier when all you have to do is toss all of the ingredients in the blender and enjoy. And, you start your day off with some of the most healthy fruits and vegetables. Over the years I’ve added a boiled egg, turkey bacon, or Belvita breakfast bars on the side so that I can stay full until it’s time for a mid-morning snack or early lunch.

Below are the basic ingredients for the smoothie, and you can add more or less of your favorite fruits and/or vegetables. Each bag can serve two people:

  • 1 large container of fresh spinach
  • 1 bag of baby carrots
  • 2 containers of fresh strawberries OR 1 container of strawberries and 1 container of another berry
  • 1 batch of bananas (Or enough for at least two bananas a day)
  • 100% cranberry or apple juice (Depends on your preference)
  • Protein such as Peanut Butter Powder or Chai Seeds (Optional)
  • 5 Gallon-sized Ziploc Bags


You will add your bananas, juice and protein the day of, so put those ingredients away.

In the meantime, clean and rise your spinach, carrots, and strawberries.

Cut the tops off your strawberries and open up five bags.


Evenly distribute the strawberries/berries.

Add about a handful of spinach and a handful of carrots to each bag.

Make sure your bags are sealed tightly, and now you have breakfast ready, Monday – Friday.


In the morning, empty a bag into the blender and then add two bananas, protein powder (if available), about 8 oz of juice, and ice. You can adjust the amount of juice and ice for your tasting preference.

Blend until smooth and enjoy!




For multiple reasons, I decided to start blogging again. And I’m not even sure where I want this blog to go – but it’s important that I start somewhere. 

I am a working mom, so most of my posts will be related to this topic in someway. I also love to eat, and a huge part of my motherhood journey has been how to prepare healthy meals from scratch while working full-time. 

I hope this blog inspires other first-time Moms. I would love for this to be an interactive community where everyone can learn something from each other.

But enough about me! Look for my next post – breakfast made for the entire work week. Recipe is vegetarian-friendly!