Rum & Coke Party Favors

I made these amazing party favors for my husband’s 30th birthday. Our inspiration came from similar ideas on Pintrest, but I just HAD to write about ours! We actually wanted to do Jamacian Rum, but Kraken Rum came highly recommended, and the bottle design (with handles) made attaching the straw and coke bottle easy.

You can make these party favors for all types of events, and use your creativity to come up with you own type of package like we did. Once you know the number of guest attending your event, all you need is:

  • Mini rum bottles
  • 8 oz cokes (I used the glass bottles)
  • Colored straws
  • Twine20160522_203119 (1)

Make sure you tie the twine tight…I used two stings to ensure none of the items slipped through. Although it appears as though you can pour the entire bottle of rum in the 8 oz coke bottle and drink it with the straw, you will have to mix the drink in a separate glass – this particular design is for presentation purposes only.

The rum and cokes were a hit at the party. The only thing I didn’t like…I wish I discovered these when I was planning our wedding!



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